Vivametrica to present at Plug & Play Health

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Last year Vivametrica was hand-picked from a pool of 800 applicants to participate in Plug and Play's (PnP's) first ever insurance stream. Today, January 25, 2017 Vivametrica will present at a batch selection for Plug and Play Health, "An ecosystem connecting forward thinking corporations and VC’s with startups that are developing technology that is defining “Health [...]

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Spine 10 x 25 Summit, Chicago

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Vivametrica Founder and CEO Dr. Rick Hu to attend the Spine 10 x 25 summit tomorrow in Chicago, Illinois. This is the second annual event held by the Spine Foundation and the Spine 10 X 25 Coalition. This event will bring together international experts to discuss the #1 cause of disability in the United States: spine-related impairment. [...]

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World Health Day: Diabetes on the rise

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World Health Day Today, as part of World Health Day the WHO is launching a campaign to create awareness and is calling for action against diabetes. According to a recent report released by WHO, it's first Global Report on Diabetes,  an increase in diabetes has been observed around the world, markedly in middle-income countries. This report outlines the global burden [...]

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Mobile World Congress 2016

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Last month Vivametrica took part in the Mobile World Congress, Feb 22-25, 2016 in Barcelona Spain with over 100K attendees. We were part of the Canadian pavilion along with ICT West and many other Canadian organizations. Delegates from ICT West also had the opportunity to test out Vivametrica's technology with our Stepping Up to Health [...]

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mHealth Connect at Stanford University

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mHealth Connect Vivametrica co-founder Dr. Matthew Smuck is one of four presenters at this year's mHealth Connect held at Stanford University. Dr. Christy Lane will also be in attendance. Although the event is invite-only, the session “Consumer Wearables: The Path to Clinical Application” can be viewed via live streaming on Mar 17, 2016, 9:45am – [...]

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Female Tech Entrepreneurs: Creative Maven Amanda Hu

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In the spirit of International Women's Day (March 9, 2016) we are continuing to showcase some of Vivametrica's female tech entrepreneurs. Today, we profile Amanda Hu, who has been with Vivametrica since the beginning. Celebrating Diversity: Female Tech Entrepreneurs Amanda comes to Vivametrica with a multidisciplinary background, specializing in both Pyschology and Visual Arts. She [...]

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International Women’s Day: Boss Lady Christy Lane

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To celebrate this year's International Women's Day Vivametrica is spotlighting our Co-founder and COO Dr. Christy Lane. International Women's Day: Woman of the Day Dr. Christy Lane oversees the analytics group at Vivametrica, as well as creates connections with potential partners and has a leading role in business development. She is a young mother as well [...]

Redesigning to Better Manage Absence and Disability

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  In this webinar, Dr. Tyler Amell and his colleague Dave Keen, Executive Director at Fraser Health in British Columbia will deliver for a new audience, the great how-to talk that they originally presented at the Integrated Benefits Institute 2015 Forum in San Francisco in March of this year. Managing Absence and Disability: Webinar summary Fraser [...]

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Inactivity and your Risk for Chronic Disease

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The risks of inactivity are generally known. However, the precise definition of "inactivity" may need clarification. Most people think of being inactive as simply lack of exercise. Studies have shown that periods of inactivity such as sitting increase risk of disease and mortality independent of exercise. Recent research has shown that sitting for prolonged periods is [...]

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Vivametrica in the Globe and Mail

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"Vivametrica’s algorithms ensure that reference data sets are based on population, adhere to regulation and are integrated and linked to other data sets, providing the individual with secure private insights into their health condition." Sharaz Khan covers Vivametrica's device-agnostic analytics platform. Original article

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