Vivametrica to present at Plug & Play Health

Last year Vivametrica was hand-picked from a pool of 800 applicants to participate in Plug and Play’s (PnP’s) first ever insurance stream. Today, January 25, 2017 Vivametrica will present at a batch selection for Plug and Play Health, “An ecosystem connecting forward thinking corporations and VC’s with startups that are developing technology that is defining “Health & Wellness.”

Since Vivametrica’s acceptance into the insurance stream last year, we have been able to leverage the Plug and Play platform to initiate conversations with various insurances companies looking for innovation in the field. Insurance companies are recognizing the need to develop novel ways of doing business in an environment of competition and where new technologies are reinventing the industry.

Not only do Viavmetrica’s analytics have applications within insurance, they have also been used to improve Health & Wellness. Vivametrica has partnered with Fraser Health, one of BC’s largest health authorities to monitor the wellness status of their employees. Our first project with Fraser Health concluded with 91% participant engagement, which is markedly higher than the average participation of employees in other screening programs (46% for Health Risk Assessments or clinical screening*). Our analytics are also currently being integrated into the Sprout at Work corporate wellness platform.

Utilizing wearable and other data, Vivametrica has developed a method to evaluate individuals and organizations based on years of scientific research by world leading clinicians and researchers. Our analytics can be applied with a minimal data set including 7 days of wearable data. This process can be repeated anytime throughout the year to create a “Health Snapshot” of wellness. The goal, ultimately is to identify high risk groups or individuals for intervention and preventative measures. Vivametrica risk assessments are personalized and benchmarked to the population using large data sets of over 250,000 individuals, with over 1 Billion data points. Furthermore, improvements in health can be related to actual cost savings, or ROI of wellness programs.

About Plug and Play Health:

Plug and Play runs a 12 week program, twice a year where 20 “Health & Wellness” startups are selected by Plug and Play along with the help of a consortium of complimentary partners and VCs. Startups are selected from ~1,000 startup applications sourced from around the world every year.

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions partnered with Plug and Play in January 2016 to support innovative, early-stage companies developing direct-to-consumer solutions that enhance wellness. Participation in the newly created Accelerator is

* Rand Workplace Wellness Programs Study

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