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Leaders in health and predictive analytics for
underwriting, engagement and more.

Revolutionizing the Insurance and Wellness industries.

We are the global standard in predictive health data analytics. Vivametrica uses mobile and wearable device data, artificial intelligence protocols and scientifically validated models, to accurately predict mortality and disease risk.

We use mobile & wearable devices, Artificial Intelligence, and scientifically validated models to accurately predict and prevent mortality & disease. 


Vivametrica’s founding team has been conducting leading edge research and clinical care for over 25 years. We are world experts in the science of physical activity, and disease risk prediction.

Our device-agnostic analytics platform provides proprietary predictive health risk scores.

Unique Dataset

World’s Largest Population Based Dataset

Unique Expertise

International Research Award Winners 

Founders of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab

Unique Validation​

Rigorous 3rd Party Validation by ​


Munich Re

Vivametrica has developed the most accurate and valid health score using sensor data. Our analytics team looks to the latest scientific literature and market demands for innovation.

Enabling Digital Underwriting

If we can do it faster, at the same cost, and with nothing taken out of the equation, it should be ‘game over,’” — Anthony Kuczinski, CEO of Munich America Reinsurance (Insurance Information Institute Annual Conference, January 2017)

  • Implement physical activity data models to accurately predict disease risk and mortality for insurance underwriting

  • Stratify risk and increase profitability by up to 20% by including new data sources 

  • Avoid blood and fluid testing. Dispense with paramedical exams


Performance Indicators for Wellness

Only 53.1% adults aged 18 and over met the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity, about half of Americans. (Source :CDC)

  • Like a credit score for health, the vScore is a benchmark for individual and group health.

  • The vScore can rapidly and regularly quantify health risk accurately.

  • The  vScore is a leading indicator to guide positive change for individual and group health.


Meet Our Founders

Dr. Christy Lane, PhD, Founder and CEO

Dr. Rick Hu, MD, Founder and Executive Chairman

Data Privacy & Security

Vivametrica is committed to ensuring data privacy and security. We continuously evaluate our policies and procedures to safeguard user data. Read more in our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and GDPR Commitment Statement.

Join the Global Insurance Revolution


Join the Global Insurance Revolution