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We build tools to measure health.

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Leaders in health and predictive analytics for
underwriting, engagement and more.

Who we are

Vivametrica develops tools to organize health data in a way that makes sense to people – through a simple score. It allows people and businesses to take the insights derived from health data to use for wholistic care management and long term planning. We build cross-functional teams made up of physicians, researchers, data scientists, marketers and software engineers to tell our story. Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to live their best lives but to also protect their data and the story it tells.

Medical-Grade Data

One of the world’s largest medical-grade dataset with clinical outcomes that can be adapted to different regions


Clinical Expertise

International Research Award Winners and Founders of Stanford University’s Wearable Health Lab

Industry Validation

Our data has been validated by two of the largest global reinsurers, Munich RE and SCOR.


The vScore

We know that health is not a one-size-fits-all model. That’s why we surface it to you in the form of a scientific score. It is personalized based on your physical attributes, your lifestyle, and how you feel. With the endorsement of two of the largest global reinsurers, Munich RE and SCOR, we provide the best measurement of health for our partners.

We are the best measurement of health and our scores are used in several different areas of business.


The Science

Vivametrica’s founding team has been conducting leading-edge research and clinical care for over 25 years and have built one of the largest medical-grade data warehouses in the world. Our analytics on this data are device-agnostic and provides proprietary predictive health risk scores.

We are world experts in the science of physical activity, mortality, and disease risk prediction. 


Vivametrica has developed the most accurate and valid health score using sensor data. Our analytics team looks to the latest scientific literature and market demands for innovation.

Enabling Digital Underwriting in Insurance

We provide frontend and backend solutions for Insurance companies to accelerate their policy issuance and support engagement with their customers

If we can do it faster, at the same cost, and with nothing taken out of the equation, it should be ‘game over,’” — Anthony Kuczinski, CEO of Munich America Reinsurance (Insurance Information Institute Annual Conference, January 2017)


Empowerment and Engagement in Wellness

We provide our Wellness clients with a benchmark for individual and group health through our vScore. It acts as a foundational support for empowerment and engagement.

“By combining Vivametrica’s expertise in predictive health data analytics with Sprout’s proven leadership in driving sustained positive health change, we are setting the new gold standard for employee health intervention.”
Tom Black, Former CEO | Sprout at Work


Data Privacy and Security

Data tells a lot about people. That is why security, privacy, and compliance are foundational to Vivametrica's culture, operations, and solutions. We are HIPAA, SOC II, and GDPR Compliant. Read more in our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and GDPR Commitment Statement..