International Women’s Day: Boss Lady Christy Lane

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day Vivametrica is spotlighting our Co-founder and COO Dr. Christy Lane.

International Women’s Day: Woman of the Day

Dr. Christy Lane oversees the analytics group at Vivametrica, as well as creates connections with potential partners and has a leading role in business development. She is a young mother as well as a full-time tenured Associate Professor at Mount Royal University. Her research spans over 15 years in the fields of exercise physiology, rehabilitation medicine, clinical exercise prescription, and e-health lifestyle interventions.

Recently, Christy has returned from her one-year visiting professorship at Stanford University. She is also a founding member of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab. Christy’s enthusiasm, skill-set, and intelligence are a driving force behind Vivametrica and we are glad to have her back in our main office here in Calgary as we continue to evolve as an organization.

Christy is a prime example of how women can have a family life while also obtaining leadership roles in science and technology.

Christy is highly personable, she is consistently available to her students, positive, supportive, and down-to-earth. Christy’s energy is contagious, and she somehow keeps going despite the demands of her schedule and multiple roles and  responsibilities. Today for International Women’s Day we are celebrating one of our Boss Ladies, who are yours?

christyanwan christy lane

Christy with her daughter Anwyn, Christy conquering heights.

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  1. Jim Tomkins April 20, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Proud Dad, known to her as ‘pops’. Could not be anymore in awe of my daughter?

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