451 Research report on Vivametrica in Q1 2015

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"With its first product set for deployment, the company is aggressively working to expand its offerings. Interested investors may have an opportunity to get in on the action as early as Q1 2015, which is when Vivametrica has said it will likely pursue a second round of funding." Analyst Ryan Martin outlines investment opportunities with Vivametrica [...]

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Wearable trends for 2015

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On the consumer side, we’ll see an effort to integrate wearables with music, fashion and the wide variety of other consumer electronics we use. One area I expect to be an early crossover point is the booming ear buds and headsets market. The ear, conveniently, is a terrific place to measure temperature, heart rate, O2 [...]

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Fitness reporter compares the latest wearables

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By working up to your goal, not only do you reduce the risk of, say, spraining an ankle, but you're likelier to reach it, and thus, see meaningful change, Lane says. “Setting realistic goals that are personalized to you is key,” she says. “If you don’t, you’re likely to get discouraged and not use the [...]

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Vivametrica co-founders author pioneering study

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"Vivametrica has been researching lower back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), which, according to cofounder and chief operating officer Dr Christy Lane, 'is the top reason for orthopaedic surgery in North America; it's a huge, costly problem, and what's happening is that people are getting thrown into surgery, which is often very successful, but [...]

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Vivametrica in Computerworld

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"'One of the shortcomings right now is that each of the device manufacturers collects their own information,' Hu said. 'So it's hard to compare that data with other people's data who are not using that particular device. There is no standardization in terms of the activity data.'" Vivametrica can use data from wearables to lend [...]

A100 names Vivametrica “One to Watch”

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"After identifying the potential market and working to understand the process of “startup” creation, Richard and his team decided to grow their company as aggressively as possible earlier this year. This decision was well timed, with an increasing interest in wearable technology and movement by major technology companies into the field." Vivametrica was awarded "Top [...]

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Vivametrica CEO Rick Hu in WIRED Innovation Insights

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"Accurate, well-curated and trusted information will be key to ensuring the best value outcomes from online content and, by extension, any wearable, m-Health and e-Health offering."   Vivametrica CEO Rick Hu asks "Do Doctors Hate the Internet and New Technology?" and examines the barriers to uptake of tech in the medical field.   Original article

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Vivametrica in MedCrunch

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Vivametrica, a Calgary company with Stanford researchers onboard, might be the solution for connecting a scattered sensor market to the healthcare providers.   Vivametrica lets users connect their wearable device (whichever one), and get medically-validated risks for conditions such as cardiac disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis based on their biometric data. Original article  

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Vivametrica uses consumer wearables to indicate risk thresholds

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"[Vivametrica's Dr. Christy] Lane said her company, which makes an open integration platform for wearable devices, is hoping to bring in biometrics data from wearables and establish risk thresholds for certain types of behaviors."   Vivametrica's device-agnostic system can increase the scope of fitness wearables by providing users with information on potential health outcomes. Original [...]

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