Vivametrica sets Legal Precedent

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Wearables see their second court case with data from a fitbit device used as evidence. In this particular case a woman that claimed to be attacked is facing misdemeanor charges. This follows an investigation combined with data from her device showing her active and walking around during the time of the alleged attack. Legal Precedent for [...]

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Meaningful Health Analytics for Wearables are here

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People are more in control of our health than we ever have been before. Unfortunately, we are not doing a great job with this control. The majority of diseases killing us and causing disability in 2015 are what we call ‘diseases of inactivity’. Examples include diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and obesity. For the most [...]

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Vivametrica in Forbes

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The lawyers aren’t using Fitbit’s data directly, but pumping it through analytics platform Vivametrica, which uses public research to compare a person’s activity data with that of the general population. Calgary law firm joins with Vivametrica to tap the wealth of quantifiable data provided by fitness trackers. Original article

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