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Vivametrica sets Legal Precedent

Wearables see their second court case with data from a fitbit device used as evidence. In this particular case a woman that claimed to be attacked is facing misdemeanor charges. This follows an investigation combined with data from her device showing her active and walking around during the time of the alleged attack.

Legal Precedent for Wearables in the Courtroom

Last year we saw the first case of a fitness tracker used as evidence. This case set a legal precedent for these types of data to be used. With the help of Vivametrica’s analytics, a law firm was able to develop their case for a personal injury claim. Prior to this, lawyers had to rely on clinical interpretation and subjective assessment. Vivametrica’s analysis combined with activity data provided objective evidence. Read more about the case here.

“Although the law does not always keep pace with technology, wearables generate data and it is only a matter of time before the use of that data is commonplace in litigation,” -Neda Shakoori, civil litigation lawyer at McManis Faulkner.


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