Plug and Play Insurance Expo

This year, Plug and Play (PnP) announced its foray into the insurance industry accepting 23 start-ups into its first ever insurance accelerator in Sunnyvale, CA. Vivametrica, being one of the few hand-picked by insurance companies to participate was selected from an initial pool of over 800 start-ups. On December 14, 2016 Plug and Play will be hosting an Insurance Expo, providing the opportunity for participating companies to pitch to various stake-holders.

During the course of the Plug and Play program, members of Vivametrica’s leadership team have been making connections within  insurance via PnP industry channels. The potential within the insurance industry is huge, and Vivametrica’s scientifically valid analytics are providing companies with solutions to antiquated underwriting methods, personalized risk analysis, consumer engagement and retention, and more. We are excited to be working with insurance companies to test and bring these solutions to market and eventually to scale.

Join Vivametrica at the Plug and Play Tech Center on Dec 14 to hear about the exciting initiatives we are planning within insurance. The Insurance Expo will be an opportunity to gain exposure and learn the landscape of what is happening at the forefront of the industry.

From Plug and Play: “The US insurance industry alone produces more than $1 trillion of revenue a year and remains sturdy in the fiscal downturns. But where there is room for growth, there is room for opportunity. At Plug and Play, we believe that we can take this ancient industry into a new space. A modern and exciting frontier.”


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