Putting Wearable Data to Use

With wearables as the current technology trend, new devices are constantly entering the market, and at considerable volume. “Shipments of smart wearables are expected to grow from 9.7 million in 2013 to 135 million in 2018, according to CCS Insight’s new global forecast.” The much-anticipated and talked about Apple watch has been recently released in its first iteration, which stands to be a technology disruptor in this sector.

Despite all of this, wearables have not yet permeated into the norm of everyday life. Moreover, a large proportion of fitness trackers are abandoned within a few months of purchase. Devices need innovative ways to engage customers. That is, only wearables that go beyond simple recording and reporting functions will be able to retain users.

Along with the increase in wearable numbers also comes a surge of data from these devices. Everything from step count to heart rate and hours of sleep each night are some of the personal metrics that are adding to the data pool. Unique to these types of data is the ability to draw insights into the status of one’s health and wellbeing. With the use of analytics, one can translate data from meaningless counts to actionable information.

For example, a correlation between good health and activity is known to exist. Guidelines for physical activity based on CDC recommendations is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity weekly. As technology has enabled us to track activity, Vivametrica’s proprietary algorithms have enabled us to quantify the affect of exercise on health. Through this users can actually see how measurable changes in behaviour will impact their risk for specific chronic diseases. Our ‘What If’ calculator is able to produce multiple scenarios where the risk for Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Lung Disease are calculated based on activity for your age and gender. Here individuals and wellness programs are able to quantify the effectiveness of implemented/proposed change.

Beyond the wearable world is a cloak of personal data that surrounds each and every individual on a daily basis. Wearables have given us a useful tool for measuring personal metrics, but in order to use those measurements we need a layer of analysis and interpretation. New datasets are constantly emerging, with which the capacity to draw meaningful insights from this data is imperative. At Vivametrica our team has the ability to develop new algorithms and analytics to service your need. Life happens: analyze it.

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